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Re: Problem with netboot, help please


On Sat, 28 Feb 2004 03:22:47 +0100, Milan Chudik wrote: 
> So finaly i made it, finaly i had to pass argument into the krenel to 
> boot from dhcp
>   mknbi -a "ip=dhcp" bzImage newImage
> and it is done, really nice feeling after two days, everything boots as 
> should (nfs server was set, so i didn't have to set it up)

as I understand from your previous mails, you used the bootrom
code from rom-o-matic, which is using the etherboot code. However,
you used the netboot mknbi tools. For the automatic network configu-
ration to work properly with the "-i rom" command line switch to
mknbi-linux, you need to use a netboot bootrom.


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