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Re: Some comments and suggestions on eb-5.2.2


On Sat, 24 Jan 2004 03:11:10 +0100, h wrote:
>> Interesting thought. It should be pretty easy to implement into
>> mknbi-linux. I will keep this in mind for one of the next netboot
>> releases.
> As it seems, this can be achieved using bootsplash. Basically, this tool
> appends a JPG image to the initrd. A shell script wrapper to splash and
> mknbi should do the job. I will give it a try as soon as possible, and post
> a report. BTW does anyone know what image format .lss is? Seems pxelinux
> can handle it as a splash, at least that's what PXES does. 

What is PXES? Anyway, it should be pretty simple to implement it into
mknbi-linux, especially with the (not-yet-released) new version of
netboot, which makes use of a new runtime library. I'm presently rewriting
almost the whole bootrom code to be able to compile it using GCC and this
new library, and of course adding some new features.

> Gero, guess what? These days, somebody contacted me to actually get copies
> of the 1995 iX articles that we made. He's writing a book on the history of
> Linux terminal servers technology. Hey, you will be mentioned in a book!
> :-)

Yes, I know, I've given him your name... ;-))


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