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Re: Bootrom error: PXE-38, Network boot failed

On Mon, Jul 14, 2003 at 04:38:18PM +0300, Ziver Alen MALHASO?LU @ ERSE wrote:
>     Hello,
>     I have downloaded, configured and installed the netboot package.
>     I prepared a bootrom for my network card that is a NE2000 compatible ISA
> card. In addition i booted from the image.flo that is provided by netboot.
>     By the way, i also configured the dhcp server as it is giving the same
> IP adress and routing information to the same MAC adress, that belongs to my
> diskless test machine.
>     The messages are as followins:
> "
> BOOTP: Sending request (press ESC to abort): ok
> Local IP:
> Server IP: ()
> Gateway IP:

Reconfigure your bootp-server (dhcp-server?)
so that all the IP-addresses start with the same octets.

> Loading /tftpboot/myDosBoot.img
> Bootrom error:  PXE-38
> Network boot failed.
> "
>     When i see the last message, the system gets locked! I think the problem
> is at the tftp server but i couldn't fix it.
>     May anybody help me to solve this problem? I have to boot Caldera
> OpenDOS, a 80286 machine with 640KB conventional ram ans 128KB extended RAM.
> Regards,

Geert Stappers
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