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Bootrom error: PXE-38, Network boot failed


    I have downloaded, configured and installed the netboot package.
    I prepared a bootrom for my network card that is a NE2000 compatible ISA
card. In addition i booted from the image.flo that is provided by netboot.
    By the way, i also configured the dhcp server as it is giving the same
IP adress and routing information to the same MAC adress, that belongs to my
diskless test machine.
    The messages are as followins:
BOOTP: Sending request (press ESC to abort): ok

Local IP:
Server IP: ()
Gateway IP:
Loading /tftpboot/myDosBoot.img

Bootrom error:  PXE-38
Network boot failed.

    When i see the last message, the system gets locked! I think the problem
is at the tftp server but i couldn't fix it.

    May anybody help me to solve this problem? I have to boot Caldera
OpenDOS, a 80286 machine with 640KB conventional ram ans 128KB extended RAM.


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