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Re: Problem booting diskless on a VIA C3 machine


On Sat, 12 Apr 2003 03:09:38 +0200, Mohd-Hanafiah Abdullah wrote:
> VFS: Mounted root (NFS filesystem).
> Freeing unused kernel memory: xxxk freed
> And then it hanged there.  It seems like it has problem executing the
> kernel or INIT.  Could it be due to the netboot wrapper software that
> caused this problem with VIA C3?  The same kernel image works fine fine
> with another diskless machine running an Intel Celeron procesor.

As I wrote you already by personal email, this problem is most likely
caused by an instruction in your shared C library which your processor
doesn't understand. I guess that the C library has been compiled for
a i686 processor, in which case gcc uses CMOV instructions, which haven't
been implemented by VIA on any of their processors. You should get runtime
libraries and program binaries which are compiled for your specific pro-


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