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Re: X11 on diskless problem

In message <>you write:
 >hi all,
 >We have a diskless laboratory where about 15 machines boot from a single 
 >server - redhat 7.3 -:(
 >I have created few basic directories in the "tftpboot" directory for each 
 >diskless client except "/usr". I export "/usr" from the server via NFS and 
 >mount is on each client.
 >Everything is working fine except X-server.
 >Now all the harware is quite heterogenous... each client has diffenrent 
 >video card/ monitor and mouse. 
 >So when we use "Xconfigurator" command on client to configure the X-server 
 >it goes upto the last stage and gives error simply saying "Could not start 
 >Any help / ideas / guess is highly appriciated !

You may want to select VESA as the driver when using Xconfigurator.  VESA
works for most video cards without the need to re-configure.

Btw, how did you manage to solve the problem related to:
VFS: Mounted root (NFS filesystem).
Freeing unused kernel memory: xxxk freed

Where the system hangs after the printing the above line?


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