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New netboot version 0.9.8 released


today I have released the new and probably long-awaited version 0.9.8
of netboot. It contains just one major new feature: the Flash EPROM
loader code has seen a complete rework, and it is now able to not only
burn a Flash EPROM on a FlashCard, but also a Flash EPROM installed on
a network card. The following network cards are currently supported:

- 3C905C
- RTL8139C (untested)
- Intel EtherExpress Pro/10+

If you like support for other network cards as well, I will be happy
to implement it, but I do need the physical hardware for testing. The
3Com 3C905B card might also work, but I've heard rumors about the ASIC
chip on those cads to have problems with the address decode logic. I
don't have such a card for testing, so please let me know if it works.
The way the Flash EPROM programmer works is pretty simple: provide the
Flash EPROM image built by makerom as a boot image for a client, and
then boot the client using either an already installed netboot bootrom
or with a netboot boot disk. The client will then download the Flash
EPROM image, and burn a new bootrom image into the Flash EPROM. This
way I could easily replace the PXE bootrom code in my 3C905C with this
latest netboot bootrom code.

Besides this new feature the new netboot version contains a lot
of code cleanup and bug fixes. Thanks a lot to all of you who sent
me bug reports and helped me to fix those bugs.

I'm still looking for someone who is willing to update all the docu-
mentation. I would like to have a texinfo file available within the
package which explains every detail of netboot, but haven't had the
time yet to write one. So, if someone is interested in this please
let me know.

The new netboot version can be downloaded from the usual places. See for further information.


Gero Kuhlmann    Hannover  0511/6497525 (Voice)
                 Emden     04921/997561 (Voice)

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