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Re: please help! .. on mknbi


On Tue, 03 Dec 2002 03:10:00 +0100, Massimiliano Alvioli wrote:
> I downloaded mknbi-1.2 (and etherboot 5.0.8), I run 'make' and obtain the
> mknbi executable; but:
> first of all - I can't understand why the man pages keep talking about 
> running 'mknbi-linux' '-dos' and stuff, since I just don't have these
> executables;

These are the names of the original executables found in the netboot
package (see for further details).
etherboot has evolved out of netboot some time ago, so some of the
man pages might have been unchanged from an older (in fact very old)
release of netboot.
Since I'm developing netboot, and don't have anything to do with etherboot,
someone else will hopefully answer your remaining questions.


Gero Kuhlmann, Hannover     0511/6497525 (Voice)

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