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as you can easily see the flood of spam mails has reached the netboot
mailing list some time ago already. As the maintainer of this list I
do receive even more spam because majordomo on baghira blocks mails which
are larger than a couple of kB, and sends them to me. A couple of years
ago only members of the mailing list had the right to post. However, while
I was unable to maintain this list for a while, this restriction has been
lifted in order to allow people reading the list using public mailing list
processors on the web to also post into it. But due to the large amount of
spam mails flooding the net I would like to bring up the posting issue
again. What do you think? Should we restrict posting access to subscribed
members only again? Any other ideas of reducing the amount of spam on the
list? (No, it's not an option to install a spam filter on the list

Thanks in advance for expressing your opinions.


Gero Kuhlmann, Emden/Hannover  0511/6497525 (Voice)

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