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Booting DOS7 - problem with format.exe & rmrd

I tried the netboot-package 0.9.6 to remote-boot
a win98se shell. Everything went fine (I used a
floppy-romimage for my 3c905-nic), the image 
loads via dhcp/tftp and then

a) I try to free the ramdisk with
  set comspec=c:\dos7\

this works, but a 2nd
hangs and reboot is necessary. It doesn't show the
message "no ramdisk" which it should. Well, I can live
with it, just don't do 'rmrd' twice I thought..
(the same problem occurs with dos6.22 btw.)

b) when I try (after the three commands above)
  format a: 
the silly dos7 says:
  "Nicht genuegend Arbeitsspeicher" (not enough memory)
but there is enough memory to execute various other programs.
I created the dos7-image from a fresh-dos7-formatted floppy
  dd if=/dev/fd0 of=dos7.img
  mknbi-dos -r dos7.img -o dos7.nb
Contents of the floppy:
  io.sys, msdos.sys, (no himem problem)

Any hints ?

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