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PCMCIA Booting


I'm trying to create a netboot image for a floppy to effectively turn an
old laptop dumb terminal. I have compiled a makerom image for my PCMCIA
card, using the ISA bus option, no PnP String and the Packet Driver that
came with my card (DFE-650TX). When I fire the machine up, the floppy
loads, the network interface is initialised, a response is obtained
through DHCPD, an IP is assigned etc, and the image specification for
the machine to load is given. When the machine tries to load the image,
I get a PXE-1 error. However, if the image isn't there, I get a PXE-3B
(File Not Found) error code, so communication with the TFTP server has
been established. Can anyone help me?


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