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Re: PXE-20 Netboot Error !!!

Hello, (Franz Skale) wrote in">
> THe bootprocess starts with the right driver , then downloading the 
> kernel-image using tftp. (bootp show the right ip adress).
> Then the error "PXE-20 netboot error" occurs.
> [...]
> How can i interpret the error message and how to solve it ?

netboot prints an error number in hexadecimal, and it's meaning
can be found in netboot/bootrom/headers/pxe/general.h. Actually,
PXE-20 means that there is a problem with copying the received
data into memory. What version of netboot are you using? How much
memory is installed in your system? What kind of BIOS are you
using? Are you trying to load a ramdisk? If you do, please try
to use mknbi-linux without a ramdisk, and let me know if it worked
then. The most likely problem is with copying the contents of the
ramdisk into memory above 64MB, because netboot uses the BIOS to
do the copying, and some BIOS are broken. You might also try to
play around with the -l option to mknbi-linux. If the problem still
persists please let me know.


Gero Kuhlmann, gkminix, Germany
Tollenbrink 18, 30659 Hannover   
Groote Gracht 33, 26723 Emden    
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