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PXE-20 Netboot Error !!!

Hi all !

I am a little bit new to netboot but read the howto's carefully.
I set up a new kernel (2.4.19) patching it with the mknbi-linux tool.
Output shows the standard message. (seems to be ok).
Next i made a bootprom disk with makerom according to the right drivers.
THe bootprocess starts with the right driver , then downloading the 
kernel-image using tftp. (bootp show the right ip adress).
Then the error "PXE-20 netboot error" occurs.
It's the same with the 2.2er kernel.
The tftp server doesn't show much at all.
The only thing to mention is that the downloading process seems to be ok. 
(syslog shows the tftp download is ok).

My question:

How can i interpret the error message and how to solve it ?

Kind regards


Franz Skale
Systems Engineer
Cubit IT Solutions GmbH.
Albertgasse 43
A-1080 Wien
Tel.: +43 1 7189880-0

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