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netboot problem??? (again)

hello all,
when i boot an i386pc by netboot,an error happened.
All display on the i386pc as below:
Boot-Rom v0.8.1
Bootp:Sending request:.....ok
local ip:
server ip:
File name:
TFTP:Error 4:Illegal TFTP operation
and then halt.

My host is redhat 7.2 and set as below:
service tftp
socket_type = dgram
protocol = udp
wait = yes
user =root
server =/usr/sbin/in.tftpd
server_args= -s /tftpboot
disable = no
per_source = 11
cps = 100 2

on my linux exit :/tftpboot/
i have done command: rpm -ivh

                    David wu

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