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New netboot version 0.9.5


today I've released version 0.9.5 of netboot. There is just one major
change: the boot loader of mknbi-linux has been rewritten so that it
can get assembled with the GNU assembler GAS instead of as86. This
should provide better compatibility since mknbi-linux can now be
compiled on any system supported by the GNU development tools (as86
could only be used on i386-based systems as it was not able to cross-
assemble). Also, some bugs in mknbi-linux have been fixed which
prevented it to work properly with different kernel versions. Please
try this new version and let me know how it works for you. I'm
especially interested if it works on your system to assemble the
target part of mknbi-linux (a file called first.s86). I've tried to
make it as portable as possible, but there are so many different
installations out there...
The next step will be to also convert mknbi-dos, which will also get
an additional face lift (larger ramdisk sizes etc.).


Gero Kuhlmann                       
Tollenbrink 18          Groote Gracht 33      Tel. Hannover: 0511/6497525
30659 Hannover          26723 Emden           Tel. Emden:    04921/997561
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