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Re: Cicso wireless cards


On Wed, 05 Jun 2002 03:11:27 +0200, Steven Pokrandt wrote:
> I have the vendor drivers from cisco. and can with dos start the pktdrv
> and setup wep like this
> cscpkt 0x180
> wepdos -p 180 -hex 1234567890
> how do I use this knowladge to configure netboot.  the pktdrv doesn't
> need a pcmcia driver as it is built into the driver. I've tried to
> configure netboot with all defaults and the driver will not init..
> where/how does netboot get the ini file that the driver needs..
> cscpkt.ini that defines everything...

netboot requires all options to be set on the command line. There is no
way to include a init file into the bootrom.

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