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root fs

Hello List,

I am trying to use netboot 0.8.0 and 0.9.1. I find it easier to use
0.8 for the moment.

I am a bit slow learning. Have been reading documentation on netboot
and NFS, but somehow still cannot figure out the problem below. Can
someone give simple steps to guide me?

I have compiled kernel to redhat 6.2 server. Installed dhcpd and nfsd.
I have tagged kernel with mknbi-linux. I have prepared bootrom floppy.
I have the following files.


I tried to boot from diskless workstation with floppy, it goes ok
until it stops at VFS : no root file system....

I suspect problem with export of NFS or root FS.

Any past mailing list which covers the same subject with answers that
are helpful to me? Any tips on where to read up on setup step by step on bootp, exportfs
and root fs?

I use bootp and dhcpd to start remote workstation.

After spending 4 weeks on this, I still get nowhere. Hope some help
can get me going here. Thanks in advance to all the experts out there.

Cheers to OPEN SOURCE and GPL/GNU.

Best regards,

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