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Re[2]: netboot


I can tell you what's wrong.

LTSP v3.0 uses devfs.  That is a virtual device
filesystem.  You need to have it enabled in the kernel.

Take a look at the chapter on building kernels in
the ltsp-3.0 documentation.  The 2nd half of that chapter
is all about building kernels without initrd.  it also
tells you to enable devfs.

Hope that helps,

Jim McQuillan

On Sun, 31 Mar 2002, canaryhill wrote:

> Hello Crispin,
> After many attempts and readings of FAQ on netboot and etherboot, I
> have re-compiled kernel for nfs-root and tagged mknbi-linux kernel.
> I can floppy boot and reached the server using DHCPD.
> my dhcpd.conf file has
> option root-path "";
> ...
> host ws004 {
>        hardware ethernet 00:aa:00:6f:72:e5;
>        option option-128 e4:45:74:68:00:00;
>        option option-129 "NIC=EXP16 IO=0x300";
>        fixed-address;
>        filename "/tftpboot/lts/bootImage";
>        }
> The client is able to boot the kernel called bootImage and reached the
> point where it says :
> Looking up port of RPC 100003/2 on
> Looking up port of RPC 100005/1 on
> VFS : mounted root (NFS filesystem)
> Freeing unused kernel memory : 84k freed
> Warning : unable to open an initial console.
> nfs : server not responding, still trying
> Can anyone give some pointers on errors and how to correct them? I
> have been reading and trying this for 3 weeks. Need some help to
> overcome the obstable here.
> Can someone using netboot send me some useful sample files by email for some
> reference? Thanks.
> CM> In a nutshell:
> CM> 1.  add the 'rp' tag to bootptab so that the kernel is passed a path to 
> CM> mount.
> CM>     (you need the nfs server packages installed)
> CM> 2.  (on linux) share -t nfs -o norootsquash,rw /path/to/shared/rootfs 
> CM> (you'll have to read the man pages if this doesn't work, its off the top 
> CM> of my head)
> CM> The above path needs to point to a complete copy of the linux 
> CM> filesystem.  You can separately mount the /usr filesystem, but you can 
> CM> work that out later, (symlinking does not work because nfs just blindly 
> CM> passes the symlink to the client instead of following it)
> CM> 3.  compile the kernel with the nfs-root option, and bootp enabled. 
> CM>  Bootp needs to be enabled to allow the option to be switched on - place 
> CM> the kernel in the tftp directory


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