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Re: netboot

On Thu, Mar 14, 2002 at 05:30:14PM +0800, wrote:
> [5] it boots ok, runs the kernel, but gives this error :
> 	- No root filesystem
> Any good FAQ on solving this problem?

[Disclaimer: I have used etherboot, not netboot]

Once you got the kernel to boot over the network there is not much
difference between netboot and etherboot so I suggest a read of the latter
parts of would
be useful.

No root filesystem means that the kernel could not mount "/". In a network
boot environment this will either come from a ramdisk (setup in initrd)
or through NFS. At a guess you have not told the kernel to NFS mount
the root filesystem. See /usr/src/linux/Documentation/nfsroot.txt for
the kernel command line args you need to add.

Phil Davis
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