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netboot 0.9.1 don't work with packet driver!!!!!! help!!!!! please...;-)

Hi ALL!!!

I have C-Net Pro200 NIC and I want create bootROM with packet driver.
When I do it with version 0.8.1 - all work correctly (create bootROM, load
it from floppy on the client PC and load .bin file from tftp server).
But when I do it with version 0.9.1 - wow!!!
Create bootROM and load it from floppy on the client PC work correctly but
load .bin file from tftp server FAILED!!!! Client PC halted after load last
block of .bin file.
Parameters maxexecutionsize and minexecutionsize set to default.

Is it problem (or bug) version 0.9.1 or it's problem packet driver?


With NDIS driver all work correctly...but I NEED use packet driver!!!!

Please HELP!!!!!

Sorry for my english...:-)

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