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No Subject

hi everybody

i need some help i am a newbie with netboot and i don't understand
the command mknbi-linux and mknbi-dos does not exist but some directory
named mknbi-linux and mknbi-dos exist. i can found the mknbi command inside.

i would like to know if theire a way for making the image from a real floppy
with linux as the way of the dos-method with mknbi-(dos) command.
in fact i don't understand very well the man and some command line example
will be very appreciated.

i would like to know to if someone here have used the tools for burn the rom
image files in a 3com 3c905 c tx .
they give a lot of things in a big package i don't found the tools for burn
the rom of my card.

thanks for you if you take the time of reading that !
have a nice day and sorry for my poor english.

Provencal Romain
10 Rue du Docteur Roux
75015 Paris France

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