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Re: netbooting memtest86-2.8 failed but fixed

On Saturday, 27. October 2001 03:19, Eric W. Biederman wrote:
> Hans-Peter Jansen <> writes:
> > Hi Eric,
> >
> > just tested the new memtest-2.8 release.
> > Tried with etherboot-5.0.2 and 5.0.4.fd0, both with same result:
> > memtest.img (ELF)... segment below 0x10000
> > -> back to bootmenu
> >
> > After setting LOW_TEST_ADR to 0x010000 in defs.h, it finally works.
> >
> > GREAT! May consider this as the default, or does it any harm
> > anywhere else?  Otherwise, I think, this is worth a note in the docs.
> Probably.  When I rebuilt the build process the goal was to have it as
> much the same as possible.  The only thing to double check is
> the normal boot case and see if it still works.

Checked normal boot case: runs fine. The only thing, I can imagine, is
the RAM <= 64K case. But this is very rare, nowadays..

> Go ahead and submit the patch.  I just wanted something that would work.
> Eric

... that take at least my high esteem. Capeau.

Wouldn't call it a patch, but for the sake of completeness: diff attached

--- defs.h.orig	Wed Aug  8 07:26:42 2001
+++ defs.h	Sat Oct 27 12:16:00 2001
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
  * Unlike earlier versions all of the settings are in defs.h
  * so the build process should be more robust.
-#define LOW_TEST_ADR	0x01000			/* Final adrs for test code */
+#define LOW_TEST_ADR	0x010000		/* Final adrs for test code */
 #define HIGH_TEST_ADR	0x110000		/* Relocation base address */
 #define MAIN_SIZE	0x9000			/* Estimated size of primary test code */
 #define TEST_SIZE	(2*MAIN_SIZE)		/* Total test size */

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