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Re: netbooting memtest86-2.8 failed but fixed

Hans-Peter Jansen <> writes:

> Hi Eric,
> just tested the new memtest-2.8 release. 
> Tried with etherboot-5.0.2 and 5.0.4.fd0, both with same result:
> memtest.img (ELF)... segment below 0x10000
> -> back to bootmenu
> After setting LOW_TEST_ADR to 0x010000 in defs.h, it finally works.
> GREAT! May consider this as the default, or does it any harm
> anywhere else?  Otherwise, I think, this is worth a note in the docs.

Probably.  When I rebuilt the build process the goal was to have it as
much the same as possible.  The only thing to double check is
the normal boot case and see if it still works.  

Go ahead and submit the patch.  I just wanted something that would work.


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