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Re: bootrom and memory

"Ernst C. Zach" wrote:

> so i started to test some 100mbit nic: dlink dfe 530tx,the 550tx and the surecom ep???? 

short: don't use the dlink 530 - don't know about the others
 i had about 12 identical pcs with the 530
 harddisk cloning (~ 4GB, multicast with norton ghost) was nearly
impossible with 
  more then one at a time, two at a time was the best i ever archived
 after cloning (one by one): 3 had trouble finding the nt server, other
3 had a non 
 working linux network

hope that saves some troubles

August Hörandl                  The code was willing,          It considered your request,
                                But the chips were weak.
                                --Barry L. Brumitt
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