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bootrom and memory

hi !

i´m working for years with a netware 3.x server and diskless-dos6.22 workstations without any 
problems, mostly using dlink de22x nic. now i have to change around 100 nics, because we 
changed from coax to cat5 and we really want to use the 100mbit.
so i started to test some 100mbit nic: dlink dfe 530tx,the 550tx and the surecom ep???? (can´t 
remember the number at the moment). everything works well, BUT:
when starting from bootrom there is around 70kB conventional memory lost for the following 
loading of the dos-bootimage (mem /c shows that dos starts with that amount of memory less). 
that seems to be a problem of the "newer" bootroms - i never had a similar problem with the old 
any idea about that ?
any solution ?

Ernst Christian Zach

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