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Re: LinuxWorld Expo, SF, Etherboot Project preparations

Do you know how to get a booth?

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Sent: Friday, July 20, 2001 10:53 AM
Subject: LinuxWorld Expo, SF, Etherboot Project

> Alright, it's that time again, time for us to prepare
for LinuxWorld Expo
> in beautiful San Francisco, CA, USA!!
> This year (in a rare US appearance) featuring "LIVE
> all the way from Sydney Australia), our Fearless
>    Ken Yap, himself!!!
> (now you MUST attend! :-)
> This is our second LinuxWorld Expo, and you can check
out a report from
> our first one at:
> It's a great show, and it's a lot of fun to meet
people, demonstrate
> Etherboot and thin/diskless client technology. (and
there are even other
> vendor, booths, and talks to check out, I hear :-)
> The LinuxWorld Expo site is at:
> and of course the Etherboot site is at:
> At the first show, we shared a booth with LTSP
( .
> At this show, both LTSP and Etherboot have their own
booths!!   This is
> great because we will be able to reach more people and
demo more neat
> stuff that can be done.
> Now, because this is of course an all-volunteer
effort, we are asking for
> volunteers to help at the booth, and to visit us, and
to bring us
> refreshments so we don't lose our voices as fast from
all the questions
> and demos :-)
> We have some free exhibits-only passes to LinuxWorld
Expo, and if you
> send me your postal address, I will mail you a pass to
the exhibit hall
> (a $25 value!! :-)
> I've also reactivated the etherboot-tradeshow-talk
list.  If you'd like
> to subscribe, send a message to:
> with body
>     subscribe etherboot-tradeshow-talk
> and you'll be on the list.
> This should be a fun show, and to give you some idea
of how it goes, the
> exhibit hall at LinuxWorld Expo
( is open:
>    Tue, Aug 28, 2001   10:00-18:00 (6pm)
>    Wed, Aug 29, 2001   10:00-18:00 (6pm)
>    Thu, Aug 30, 2001   10:00-16:00 (4pm)
> The Etherboot Project booth is #269  and the LTSP
(#367) is just around
> the corner.  Too bad we don't have wireless PCMCIA
Etherbooting working
> yet :-)
> So that's a beginning.  I'm sure there will be a lot
to talk about in the
> coming month before the show.
> Even if you can't make it to the show, visit us
vicariously on the web.
> If possible we'll have a webcam going at the show
again.  We're also
> looking for any ideas for the booth.  We will likely
have a server and
> two demo thin clients, of course the 4x8 ft banner,
and the webcam, and
> (did I mention) KEN YAP, ALIVE AND IN PERSON? :-)
> World Domination... and fast! :-)
> Marty
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