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Re: tftp kernel retrieval failure

>I built & tagged a kernel, but I still haven't progressed far.
>I recieve an Invalid vendor magic ID message, so here's some partially
>gratuitous output;
>any ideas?
>Here is the output from my client machine:
>--------------start client-----------------------
>Loading ROM image....
>ROM segment 0x1000 length 0x4000 reloc 0x9800
>Boot from (N)etwork or from (L)ocal?N
>Etherboot/32 version 4.6.3 (GPL) for [LANCE/PCI]
>Found AMD Lance/PCI at 0xFCC0, ROM address 0x00000000
>Probing...[LANCE/PCI] PCnet (unknown) base 0xFCC0, addr
>Searching for server (BOOTP)...
>Me:, Server:
>Loading /tftpboot/vmlinuz (NBI)... done
>DOS Net Boot Image Loader version 0.8.1 (mknbi-dos)
>GPLed by G. Kuhlmann
>Invalid vendor magic ID
>Me:, Server:
>Loading /tftpboot/vmlinuz (NBI)...

Are you using mknbi-dos to tag a Linux kernel image?
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