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Re: Eprom on differend card than the booting one ?

Ken Yap wrote:
> Thomas Huber wrote:
> >> I remember that putting a Rom on a different card, than the Romcode
> >> is intended for, did work on ISA.
> >>
> >> Does this work on PCI , too ?
> It may not because the BIOS has to command the PCI card to map the ROM
> into the PC's address space and if the ROM is on a different card...

The BIOS will command the second card to map the ROM, and when the ROM
executes it can do whatever it likes, like accessing other PCI cards.
I've had similar problems as Thomas, and moving the ROM from the first
network card to the second (and having the ROM use the *first* card for
booting) does indeed work.

Anders Larsen
#exclude <windows.h>
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