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Re: Eprom on differend card than the booting one ?

Thomas Huber wrote:
> Hi all,
> a question concerning Eproms on PCI-cards:
> I want to use a second PCI-networkcard to keep the Eprom for booting
> my first card. (there is no other easy solution to get around this ;-)
> I remember that putting a Rom on a different card, than the Romcode
> is intended for, did work on ISA.
> Does this work on PCI , too ?

PCI has the complication that the vendor and device IDs are hardcoded into
the EPROM and most BIOSes will check to make sure they match those for the
card itself.

You may have to code the EPROM with the vendor/device IDs for the card in
which the ROM is placed, not the card on which the ROM operates.  This will
mean (with Etherboot) changing the default vendor/device IDs stamped into
the ROM image, by hand (parameters to makerom, if I remember right).


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