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Re: booting DOS using mknbi-dos from netboot 0.9e

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From: "Freegates" <>
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Sent: Monday, July 17, 2000 4:03 AM
Subject: booting DOS using mknbi-dos from netboot 0.9e

> Hello,
> I have had problems booting MS-DOS 6.0.  I got semi-random systemcrashes
> (hangs) when I made boot images using dosfiles from a directory.  I also
> tried with an image of the whole disk (dd ...) same result.
> I am trying to make a DOSboot using MSClient software to connect to my
> server.  I am using netboot 0.9e for bootROM as wel as boot images.
> The netcard uses an RTL8139 chip.
> I included the option /testmem:off at the himem.sys commandline, but it
> doesn't know this parameter (v 3.09).
> If I use the -k option with mknbi-dos then I get two different responses:
> -k all, -k undi  --> System boots fine, except netcarddriver won't load.
> -k none   --> System hangs immediately after "Starting MS-DOS...". I do
> even get output from himem.sys,...
> When changing the imagesize to 2880, the boot hangs at a later time.
> Linux and menu images boot fine.
> I tried the demo menu.mgl file supplied, but I don't get any colors?
> Somebody knows a solution?

Ok after taking another look at the sources, I saw I didn't compile for ANSI

But the other problem remains.

> If you want more detailed info, please ask.
> Hope somebody knows how to fix this.
> Greetz,   Jan

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