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Re: BOOTP record too large

>>>>> "Joe" == Joe Griffin <> writes:

Joe> My bootptab file contains:

Joe> blue.localdomain:\ # :td=/tftpboot:\ :bf=/tftpboot/vmlinuz:\
Joe> :ip=\ :ht=ethernet:\ :ha=001083fc3427:\
Joe> :sa=\ :sm=\ :bs=true:

Joe> king.localdomain:\ :td=/tftpboot:\ :bf=vmlinuz:\
Joe> :ip=\ :ht=ethernet:\ :ha=001083FC3463:\
Joe> :sa=\ :sm=\ :bs=true:

Joe> I tried the "bs=true" hoping to eliminate the "record too large"
Joe> error.  I get the message w/ and w/o the bs parameter.

I'm no bootp expert, but I'm guessing that it follows standard *BSD
*tab format ... in which a boolean parameter is simply specified to
make it "true" ... ie

	[...] \


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