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BOOTP record too large


I created a floppy.load.pre and a bin32/eepro100.lzrom on
one system and would like to boot another system using BOOTP.
I believe that everything is set up correctly.  When I 
bring up the second system from floppy I get:
... Lines deleted ...
eeprom[6] = 4701
Me:, Server:
Loading /tftpboot/vmlinuz <sleep>
(NBI)... done

Linux Net Boot Image Loader Version 0.8.1 (netboot)

BOOTP record too large

To avoid the "BOOTP record too large" message, 
should I modify "first-linux.h":

#define MAX_BOOTP_LEN      512            /* Maximum length of bootp
record */

And rebuild?  Is there any way I can find out how
long the record wanted to be?  Should I jsut change
the 512 to 1024 and rebuild?

Joe Griffin
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