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Re: Davicom and rtl8139

Eric Dahnke wrote:
> Hello Again,
> I found reference to some people successfully using the rtl8139 driver
> w/ the Davicom NIC. However, upon switching the driver I get:

Wait a minute - this refence mentioned folks having BOTH a Davicom and
a RTL8139 in their system and had no problems using both cards.  You cannot
use the RTL8139 driver for the Davicom card.  So what you got is the expected
RTL8139 driver not finding a supported card.
> Etherboot/32 version 4.5.7 GPL for [RTL8139]
> Probing...[RTL8139]
> ERROR: no probeaddrs given, using pci_device
> No Adapter Found <sleep>
> Any idea how I can fix this? I've already tried changing some things in
> the system BIOS. No Luck.

Sometimes it helps to turn PNP OS support off - but that may have side effects
on Win9x.
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