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Etherboot-4.6.3 released

I have released Etherboot 4.6.3 at

This is a catch-up release and I may have missed some patches that some
of you sent me. If you are one of those people I missed, send me some
mail to remind me. Also my mail store might have lost some items while
I was away.  4.6.4 should follow soon as I some people have mentioned
that they have more patches in the pipeline.


+ Re-enabled tulip.c:tulip_disable() code.

+ Minor fix to SHOW_NUMERIC code in bootmenu.c.

+ Minor spelling corrections to vendortags.sgml.

+ pointed out that to be RFC951 compliant,
the broadcast BOOTP request near line 705 of main.c should use port
BOOTP_CLIENT and thus stand a better chance of going through firewalls.

+ Christoph Plattner found that the 16 bit bus width fix for NEPCI cards
introduced in 4.5.6 breaks operation for other NEPCI cards. So now the
#define symbol is NS8390_FORCE_16BIT, to be used when the NIC requires
16 bit bus width but Etherboot guesses wrong. This needs to be fixed
later to autodetect adapter bus width.

+ Shusuke Nisiyama sent me the PCI IDs for 3C595 NICs so that ROM images
could be generated for them.

+ Jim McQuillan sent in modifications to tulip.c to reject bad packets.

+ Klaus Espenlaub suggested changing the filename substition macro in the
IDENT16 and IDENT32 strings to $(@F) so that only the filename portion of
the pathname is inserted.  Otherwise the contributed romid program breaks.

+ Added author ident and copyright status to contrib/bin2intelhex.c.simple
at Rogier Wolff's request.

+ GŁnter Knauff sent updates to romid and mp-form.

MD5 sums:

a55f69a1fcd09e357fa05cf690200da4  etherboot-4.6.3.tar.bz2
8623c6ffe9f9e9e104495851e92946f5  etherboot-4.6.3.tar.gz
228dfc247fb8ab3a8016ef5c213952a4  patch-4.6.3.gz
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