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Re: etherboot & memtest86

>> > Is it possibel to make a "network bootable" Version of memtest86?
>> A cool idea but I have no idea of how to do it. Do you know?
>Not really. But i think Ken Yap, the maintainer of "etherboot"
>(, should know a way of doing that.
>Etherboot uses "tagged" Images. (Kernel/DOS-Ramdisk/... + a "loader" in
>front of it) so IMHO a "loader" which can be tagged in front of memtest86
>should do "the trick(tm)". :-)
>P.S. I CC'd the netboot(&etherboot) Maillinglist

Yes, if you can find a way of making a tagged image out of memtest86, your
problem is solved. This assumes that memtest86 is a self-contained binary.
Read the tagged image specs.
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