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Re: Patch for Tulip etherboot driver

On 7/4/2000 11:33 PM Jim McQuillan wrote:

>+  if( rxd[rxd_tail].status & 0x00008000){
>+      rxd[rxd_tail].status = 0x80000000;
>+      rxd_tail++;
>+      if (rxd_tail == NRXD) rxd_tail = 0;
>+      return 0;
>+  }

This looks like an excellent idea to me, Jim.  I think the RTL8139 driver 
had a similar fix applied in the last revision.  Better error checking is 
a good thing.

>-  /* The other Etherboot drivers don't seem to do anything here,
>-     so for now, we will not either */
>-#if	0
>   /* disable interrupts */
>   outl(0x00000000, ioaddr + CSR7);
>@@ -637,7 +645,6 @@
>   /* Clear the missed-packet counter. */
>   (volatile unsigned long)inl(ioaddr + CSR8);

As you can tell from the comment, I always wondered if this routine 
should be turned on.  I think there was some card that didn't boot 
properly if it was, but I am not sure which one.  We could conditionalize 
the code for whichever clone (or clones) it is.

Good job, Jim!  I am sorry I haven't had time to work on the driver, and 
I appreciate your help.



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