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Re: RTL8029 (NE PCI) Probing-Problem found !

>Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 12:11:45 +1000
>From: Ken Yap <>
>because somebody found that some NEPCI cards must be handled in 16-bit
>mode and the probe algorithm wrongly detects 8-bit mode. See the LOG
>file for when it happened. So who
>1. Has a foolproof algorithm for detecting whether a NEPCI is in 8 or
>16 bit mode, or

Some time ago I tried to write some algorithm to detect NEx000
and clones, and it is different from algorithm used by Linux
drivers - maybe someone would like to test it on cards he has?

You can reach it from my home page (
by choosing "Network boot", then "new version", then "tests".
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