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Re: Howto install for clients on the server ?

> Hi,
> I`m trying to get my Alpha diskless and I`m allready booting the
> downloaded kernel.
> Now I need to install the Alpha`s RPMs into a subdir on a i386 machine.
> Is there a way to install rpms correctly on the server without having
> a running client to do any task ?

rpm -i --root /path_to_client_root *.rpm

You should mkdir /var/lib/rpm before and touch /var/lib/rpm/packages.rpm
to run rpm without annoying errors.
But you could have an other problem: If you export the /dev directory
via nfs to the Alphas the major and minor numbers of the devices could be
wrong. Use devfs in this case (a little bit alpha, but it works in my test
environment-available with newer kernels only).

So long,

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