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Re: System stalled after loading NIC driver

--- Rapp Informatik Systeme GmbH
<> wrote:

You shold also see the used interrupt and the ethernet
Might be a hardware problem with your PCI setup for
the interrupts?

Is your server configured right. Entries in
/etc/bootptab tftpboot, bootpd etc enabled in
Bye Wolfgang

Dear Wolfgang,

Meanwhile, I tried the other package: NetBoot.
Surprise! it worked even with the kernel tagged by the
Etherboot mknbi. But this package uses the native
"packet driver". Here I have a problem with the
configuration of NFS, cause various services refuses
to start, and I have plenty of "permission denied" on
the bootserver. But I exported the root filesystem for
the diskless with rw attribute (etc/exports)?!?

As another ideea, I know that RH 6.0 Linux doesn't
have a bootp package and this is for a very good
reason: this functionality was included in the DHCP
package (the dhcpd-... one). And I configured it right
(this one in dhcpd.conf - see the man for the file).
The prove is that the netboot worked! Is anyhow the
Etherboot based only on the bootp and his
/etc/bootptab? (but I don't think so)
The tftpd and bootpd services are enabled in the

I would like to use EtherBoot anyway, so I will
continue to bother you with this issue. If it were
problems with the server, the tcpdump might have
"seen" at least the BOOTREQUEST packages from the
"diskless". But the problem being in the NIC driver,
there is no traffic generated on the net at all!!! I
used the ethernet address in dhcpd.conf and it worked
for the netboot package! Also, netboot detected - as
the Linux himself did at the installation moment - the
NE2000/PCI's IRQ and port. But if EtherBoot is dumber,
please tell me where I should specify those?!? But aws
you know, the NE2000/PCI is PNP, and it chooses its
own parameters at POST time: in the server it took the
12 IRQ but in the "diskless" - with no sound card - it
occupied the 10 IRQ. So, if you can give me other
advices, they will be welcomed!

With great confidence

Ioan (John) NIKY Pricop
Bucharest - ROMANIA

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