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RE: arp timeout from ROM, not from floppy

>>When i write the SAME image as on the disk to an EPROM an try to boot from
EPROM with bootp-server in a different subnet
>>, the client recieves the configuration from bootp (local IP, Server IP.
filename) correctly, after that the client reports
>>TFTP: ARP Timeout
>>As said before, the same image always works fine when booted from disk, it
also works when booted from EPROM within the same subnet.
>>Any suggestions what could be the problem?

>seems to be a problem of the "gw=" entry in bootptab. The client is able to
optain its ip since the router is configured for forwarding bootp requests,
but >there is obviously no gateway-ip provided in the bootp-reply so that
the client doesn't know how to contact the TFTP-server which lies beyond the
>mit freundlichem Gruß 
>Burkhard Greeb 


thanks for your suggestion, but the gw= entries in the bootptab are correct.
As I said before when I put the .flo - image from the same "make" on a
floppy-disk and boot from the disk I don't get any timeouts and the client
boots correctly. The problem only occures when booting from EPROM (same
networkcard, of course).
Perhaps any ideas?


Juergen Vollmar

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