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Re: NI6510: LANCE time out on transmit

Lazarus Long wrote:
> On Mon, 03 Apr 2000 08:30:03 Klaus Espenlaub wrote:
> > > Just go to VMWare, give your current email and password and you'll
> > > get another month evaluation license.
> >
> > Would be nice if it worked... I just get a polite mail back, stating
> > "VMware evaluation licenses are valid for 30 days. After that
> > evaluation period, you need to  purchase a full license to
> > continue using the VMware software."  Maybe it only works if my license
> > is *really* expired (which is 2000-04-06).  Do you know more about
> > getting another evaluation license?  Could it possibly be related to
> > me refusing to accept any cookies?
> It worked OK for me for all the 1.x versions. I tought that maybe
> it changed for 2.x, but I just requested a new license and it came.
> It even came dated a month from today, althought my current license
> is due April 27. I do have three cookies set by VMWare but I don't
> know if they are required.

Hmmm... seems like they tightened up their evaluation licenses for 2.0 -
I know that you can get an eval license for 2.0 if you had a 1.x eval
license before, but obviously you can only get one 2.0 eval license.
At least *I* cannot get a new 2.0 eval license - bummer.

But OTOH they *seem* to check the the system date you started the vmware
executable, not the current time when the virtual machine boots... good to
know that Linux runs rock-solid for months (if there weren't these
annoying montlhy emergency power supply tests here at Uni, I could get an
uptime of much more than 31 days...)
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