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Bug in tulip.c (netboot 4.5.5)


there is a small but important bug in the Netboot Tulip driver.
When building setup frame in function tulip_init_ring the control
don't get the right value:

  txd.buf1addr = &txb[0];
  txd.buf2addr = &txb[0];         /* just in case */
  txd.buf1sz   = 192;             /* setup packet must be 192 bytes */
  txd.buf2sz   = 0;
- txd.control  = 0x020;           /* setup packet */
+ txd.control  = 0x028;           /* setup packet + TER */
  txd.status   = 0x80000000;      /* give ownership to device */

The right value of txd.control is 0x028, for setting TER tag (end of
transmission buffer list. Without this, sometimes the tulip card may
read data after the transmission buffer, interpreting them as buffers,
as long as there is a status word with the highest bit set to 1.

Frank Mehnert
## Dept. of Computer Science, Dresden University of Technology, Germany ##
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