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Etherboot 4.5.6 released

I have released Etherboot 4.5.6 at

This is another development release leading to 4.6.0.

Changes in this release:

+ More fixes from Klaus Espenlaub, based on bug reports by Doug Ambrisko
and others. Small cleanups in tulip.c. He also added a BACKOFF_LIMIT
parameter to the exponential backoff for retry intervals.

+ Christoph Willing sent in a fix for PCI NE2000s which forces 16-bit
transfer mode for PCI. This might make it work on some PCI NE2000s that
failed before, please test if you can.

+ Merged in TRY_FLOPPY_FIRST code from <>.

43878788f6a4cf0b61f120b245a04862  etherboot-4.5.6.tar.bz2
90fb127f1cf2947046e5697d7dd5d14f  etherboot-4.5.6.tar.gz
b3caf5726c3579685ca70589549cea91  patch-4.5.6.gz
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