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Re: Etherboot 4.5.5 released [Feature request] wrote:
> > Feature request:
> >
> > I think it would be useful to add an reset option in case of
> > netboot failure (even if local option is enabled).
> > It makes sense in case of power supply failure, as the server
> > will take some more time to come back to life again (even
> > an ups avoided the fscks).
> Can you describe how this proposed feature would/should work?
If enabled, and netbooting fails in a certain time (which could
the option parameter in seconds: say 180) netboot reboots the system.

By the way: this is the default behaviour of Bootware...
I found this while debugging the transceiver/ problems with my f******
3com nics. A full featured media detection may fix them.
Donalds code seems to do the trick. Does anybody know, if the
3c59x driver fails to autodetect the correct media sometimes?

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