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Re: Best HOWTO

On 3/17/00 11:05 AM Kevin Ford wrote:
>I found a HOWTO for all this netboot business, but it was about as clear as
>mud, gave no indication of what to put on the floppy and nothing about how
>to setup the server. Can anyone recommend a better guide? I understand the
>principles, etc. of everything (I run X sessions on a pc at home via a full
>linux system but am looking to free up a hard drive).
>Any recommendations for good sites etc.?


come to mind :-) also, check out the Diskless-HOWTO in your 
/usr/src/doc/HOWTO directory (assuming you installed the HOWTOs from your 
distro).  The LTSP mailing list has lots of patient, helpful people on it 
as well.

Than should get you started.  Also, there is a link to the archives of 
this list on the Etherboot page (look for the mailing-list paragraph).  
Basically you'd put the floppy loader and the boot rom code on a floppy 
with a command like:  "cat floppyload.bin nepci.rom > /dev/fd0".

Hope this helps.  



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