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Re: Fix for ns8390.c probe hang

>Further to my problem with failure at probe time of my PCI NE2000 clone
>(and silly previous proposal re call to eth_pio_write at line 880 of
>ns8390.c), here is a possible fix - hopefully not so silly. Test whether
>probing a PCI board and, if so, go immediately into 16 bit mode before
>the first memory test, i.e.
>*** ns8390.c.orig       Fri Mar 17 07:53:06 2000
>--- ns8390.c    Fri Mar 17 07:54:14 2000
>*** 877,882 ****
>--- 877,885 ----
>                        outb(D8390_DCR_FT1 | D8390_DCR_LS, eth_nic_base + D83
>                        outb(MEM_8192, eth_nic_base + D8390_P0_PSTART);
>                        outb(MEM_16384, eth_nic_base + D8390_P0_PSTOP);
>+                       eth_flags |= FLAG_16BIT;
>+ #endif
>                        eth_pio_write(test, 8192, sizeof(test));
>                        eth_pio_read(8192, testbuf, sizeof(test));
>                        if (!memcmp(test, testbuf, sizeof(test)))
>It seems that in the kernel driver (ne2k-pci.c) it is assumed that all
>PCI boards operate (at least) in 16 bit mode so the above patch just
>makes the same assumption.

Ok, that looks more reasonable. Can NE2000 users report if this causes
any problems?
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