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RE: Traffic while booting

Title: RE: Traffic while booting

I think that is perfectly normal. look at the size of the shared libraries and all the stuff happening in the sysV inits. If you want to have a closer look at the exeports, start nfsd in verbose mode and look in the logs (kernel/deamon) which files are transfered. there has been a kernelpatch for caching the nfs, but that was for 1.3 kernels and i don't know if this is incorporated in recent versions.

>Today i have started a sniffer while booting a diskless computer.
>From flipping the Power-Switch until the login-Prompt comes up about
>12MByte auf Traffic go over the wire. (NFS-Root, Linux 2.2.15pre9,
>base was once a SuSe Distribution, now only 11MB are left in
>While booting it mounts /usr and /data from the server. While the exports
>are mounted about 7MByte of Data go over the wire. Has NFS so much to say?
>Or is this something else?

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