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Re: eepro100+ flashing?

Ken Yap wrote:
> >- A Netgear FA310TX, which unbelievably has NO EPROM SOCKET (and no
> >flash, as far as I can tell), though one can clearly see where the socket
> >was omitted from the card.  Sigh.  Does anyone know which Etherboot
> >driver works with this card? I can at least test floppy boot.
> It's a Tulip clone and I imagine some hacking of ntulip.c is required.
Actually, I use several of these and they work fine with tulip.c (no 
hacking required). The socket can be added but all the holes need to
be opened up first (with a solder sucker). Might be easier to add the
Etherboot code to the mainboard BIOS.


Bob Edwards.
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