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Re: Linux and 3Com905B-TX-M

> Shouldn't it be possible to write a loader/wrapper which loads the bootrom
> image from the cmdline? from config.sys? That would also solve the topic
> "booting off DOC and CompactFlash devices". 

What command line do you mean? The DOS prompt? That already works,
if you build a *.com image. But again, you have the problem that
you will overwrite the DOC's drivers when etherboot starts and that
is bound to result in crashes.

Off the top of my head, these are the methods that you can use
for starting etherboot:

 - put it into a ROM (either legacy or PCI)
 - masquerade it as a Linux kernel (using the masquerading code in
   the contrib directory) and load it with one of the Linux boot
 - masquerade it and load it from etherboot itself. This is great
   for debugging purposes!
 - create a COM image and load from DOS
 - create a floppy image and load from floppy disk

I am sure there are other methods that I haven't thought of yet.


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