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Re: Booting Diskless hanging at the tftp step

#include <hallo.h>

> You may have two problems to solve.  First, I recommend that you patch 
> the file src/rtl8139.c with the following 2 line patch:
> [ on line 120 remove "* NUM_TX_DESC " and 
>   on line 302 remove " + i*TX_BUF_SIZE" ]

> After you apply the patch, make a floppy with "make rtl8139.fd0" or 
> however you usually do it.

> There could also be problems with your DHCP configuration on your server. 
> If you send it to the list, we can check it out for you.

No Problems there.
> >Is there any hope that i can get it to work with that EPROM? Or do i have
> >to burn another one.
> You will probably need to burn another EPROM (or erase and reburn the one 
> you currently have).  I suggest you wait until floppy booting is working 
> for you before making another EPROM.

With the patch the problem is gone and the Diksless boots. (Why does the
dhcp version wants to Root-Mount its IP instead of its FQDN? The bootp
Version mounted /tftpboot/ the dhcp-version mounts
> Please report your progress (positive or negative) so that we know if 
> this patch is effective.  Also, could you do:

Floppy boot is working with the patch. Now i will jump into my car and
burn to burn the new EPROM.

>    cd src-32
>    size rtl8139.tmp

size rtl8139.tmp
   text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
  14084     464   13248   27796    6c94 rtl8139.tmp

P.S. Without the patch die Disk-dhcp-Version doesn't even get its IP
printed on the screen.

Bis denn

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